Below is our policy on advertising and monetization.

Advertising and Monetization Policy at Always Wander

Since I’ve just launched my site, I’m not exactly being overwhelmed with product and sponsorship opportunities. Someday!!! But I do in fact hope to build my site and brand to the point where companies DO provide items for me to review and discuss with my fellow Wanderers. The majority of products on my site are owned and used by me (as of April 2020). If something was sent to me, I’ll disclose that. Further, I will NEVER review a restaurant I’ve not eaten in or anything like that. Trust and Transparency are core tenets of Always Wander. I intend to be completely open about the nature of my posts, any advertising on my site, or any affiliate links I use within the content. I hope this allows you to put your Trust in me and my site!

Destination Reviews/Overviews - I will NEVER post a report about a place I’ve not been to in order to generate content. Never.

Product Reviews - As mentioned, the fact of the matter is most all of the products I’m reviewing or highlighting here, I own and have used. I will start any post with a clear definition of what the post is (review, product overview, sponsored post, etc.). If I’ve been provided a product from a company in order to review it, I will be 100% Transparent about that. I will NOT, however, allow that to alter my review in any way - my opinions will be strictly my own. If a company approaches me and would like me to highlight a product on my site (not a review) as a sponsored post, I will mention that on the page. If the company is not comfortable with that, I WILL NOT AGREE TO A SPONSORED POST.

Affiliate Links and Patreon - A website has costs associated with it. As of this writing, this is a passion and something I do in my spare time. But I still need the up front capital for content! I’m an ecosystem freak and do all my shopping there. If I discuss a product, there’s a good chance I’ll link to the product page for you to purchase. I do receive a very small amount of commission if you click that link and purchase as part of the Amazon Affiliate Program. But there’s never any pressure to use my links. If you’d like to follow the link and purchase, then I would certainly appreciate it! For small companies and start-ups, I’ll do my best to give you the option of linking to their Company website as well so you have a choice. Affiliate links and future Patreon donation pages/Buy Me A Coffee links allow me to do things like pay for internet hosting, upgrade equipment, contract with graphic designers as I grow, and of course continue to generate great content.

On-Site Advertising - Another piece of revenue generating I will do on my site is the placement of Ads from Google through a program called Google AdSense. Using blank space on my site, Google would “serve” ads that it thinks are relevant for you on your visit (based on website content and past browsing, typically). It’s important to note that I personally DO NOT serve these ads nor do I choose which ads are shown. It’s all decided by Google’s algorithm. While this shouldn’t happen, if you are shown one that you feel is inappropriate, please let me know. I can report it to Google, and possibly even block the advertiser’s ads from my site if deemed too far off-base.