Below you will find my attempt to standardize the process - so you pretty much always have an idea of what's coming.

My Review Format at Always Wander


Since much of my site is based on travel gear reviews, international restaurant reviews , and city reviews and reports. I felt it was important to try and establish some easily repeatable formatting for my visitors. Ensuring organization of all the important stuff to help you make a purchase decision or just to learn about a product you’ve not known about before. This also ensures that across all my reviews, there’s consistency in the user experience. I consider my reviews pretty in-depth, but I'm targeting the Wanderer that wants that, too.


Overview - Here’s where I’ll give a quick rundown of the product or restaurant. I’ll use manufacturer quotes where it makes sense to describe any unique value props, and try my best to include major specs from the manufacturer where possible and appropriate (volume of a bag or backpack for instance).


The Good - In this section, I’ll highlight what I really like about the product or restaurant.


The Bad - You might have guessed this one! I’ll highlight what I don’t particularly like. If I need to, I’ll also put “The Ugly” here. But it’s rare that I’ll have anything like that for a product I actually own. Like you, I tend to do a lot of research before buying something in order to avoid this!


The Improvement Requests - You never know when manufacturers are listening to the market. Here, I’ll catalog any ways I think the product or restaurant can be improved.


Menu Highlights - Here I’ll list out some or all of the items that I actually tried. *This is of course only going to be on restaurant reviews.


Final Thoughts - Pretty straight forward: I’ll close out the review with my final thoughts, recommendations, etc. Someday, I might even think about a point scale to try and quantify things. Maybe even Editor’s Choice awards!

City Review and Reports will be a bit different, due to the nature of that kind of article. Check back often to the review pages as I’ll add more as I visit more new places and get a hold of new products!