TRAVEL TIP - Airplane Etiquette!

So last week I was on a flight from Chicago to New York. And by now, I've see enough bad behavior on planes where I'm at the point that I'm not really surprised any more. Quietly disappointed, yes. But no longer surprised.

I was sitting in the terminal waiting for my group to be called and I was just watching all the people standing around with zero order about them, nowhere near their boarding group, and just clogging up the entire airport hallway.

Then, I got on the plane and the amount that people just ignored those around them while they went about their day, really got me thinking. Maybe an "Airplane Etiquette" or "How to Behave While Flying" article would be a good one to write. You can be a better wanderer by how you pack (like with packing cubes) or with how you fade into the background (like with a good pair of travel ear buds) - but how we act can make us better wanderers too.

And certainly not as a "bitter traveler's manifesto". Not at all. I genuinely think less experienced travelers just don' think about a lot of this stuff. I think flying can be stressful, and unfamiliar, and you get nervous being in new situations. We've all been there at one point.

Well, here it is. A pretty comprehensive write up of how we can all be better flying wanderers, and better humans, when going through the exciting process of airline travel. Try and think about this stuff (or point a new wanderer to something like this) on your next trip - your neighbor will be glad you did.

Airplane Etiquette - How To Behave While Flying