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Updated: May 29, 2019

Hello everyone and welcome to the first blog post on my new site, Always Wander! There’s a much more in depth version in the About Me page, but I’ve decided to put my traveling passion to the test and see if I could make my experiences useful for other people. This won’t be a site that’s all about me, full of selfies of just me and “inspiring” people with some crazy story of how I quit my job to live out of a single, ancient-technique woven suitcase traveling the world with nothing but a Macbook and a buff. Nope! I still work a regular job, but make time for this amazing world around me. I work to live, and frankly that works for me! I’d love to someday be able to travel for a living, but that’s just not practical or achievable for most people out there. You could say I work to wander. So, with Always Wander, the only inspiration I hope to be able to give you is to keep wandering. Keep up with reviews, traveling tips, city guides, and some other cool content like interviews as my site grows. I want to help you to become a better traveler with a better sense of direction. Leave comments with your own insight. Help each other, let’s make this a community.

In order to make the site useful on launch date, I’ve already added a few articles. It’s not much yet, but I’ve got more coming. I travel as much as I can, and I've outlined all sorts of subjects I want to write about for those looking for information as they plan their trips. More content will come after my trips, too. Blogs should come quicker than that, I hope. We'll see!

I've got a few things up already, you can visit those pages here:

Travel Gear Reviews

Restaurant Reviews

Travel City Reports

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I’m glad you found me and glad to have you on this new journey. Now get back out there, start wandering more - and start wandering smarter.

Sunrise in Bagan with Balloons
Catch the sunrise from your favorite temple in the plains of Bagan. Though, please be respectful and obey the temple minders.

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