GEAR REVIEW! Aukey T10 True Wireless Earbuds

So, you're thinking about getting some new earbuds? Looking to get some true wireless earbuds then? Well, if you've done ANY searching online you've probably discovered that the market has more muddy waters than a 1960's blues record (was that a drum cymbal I just heard?). I'd say it's about time to start getting into these. The tech is pretty much ready for mainstream. But, make sure you're picking the right ones for you.

Should you just immediately go for the really expensive, premium ones? Probably not. Are you an Apple person and should you probably just immediately go for the Air Pods 2? Again, probably not. These kinds of tech pieces have the potential to really annoy you if you make a bad choice, and on some of these, well it's a lot of money to be making bad choices.

I think this model of earbuds finds a great middle ground in terms of price, quality, and features. On top of that, it's not just checking the features checklist, the list is modern and a step up from a lot out there.

I'd say you definitely should be considering these. Along with perhaps the Bose true wireless, and most certainly the new Sony's - the Sony's have active noise cancelling in them. When you don't need a travel Bluetooth speaker and large, bulky ANC headphones are not your style or are too big to take along, the Aukey T10s make a great choice. Click through for our full, detailed, and real-world review of these earbuds. Plus, find some general info you should know about Bluetooth headphones, the tech, and Air Pods 2 as well. Then, decide if they are right for you from a wandering perspective!

Aukey T10 True Wireless Earbuds Review