First Year End "Best Of List"! The Best Travel Gear of 2020.

Talk about a year of firsts. The first pandemic in my lifetime. The first time I've been told by work I couldn't travel. The first time I had to WFH full time in my life. And, the first full year of running Always Wander! It's been a wild year, and certainly hasn't gone the way I'd have expected it to, that's for sure. But - it's been productive nonetheless and a year of learning for me. What better way to end it - than to give you guys my first ever "Year End List"!

This list focuses on the best bags, shirts, and pants that I've found this year. I want to do another article about my favorite smaller items, but this will help you with some of the big stuff. We all know we're going to be traveling again at some point, so get your research out of the way now!

In 2020, we're going to keep focusing on getting good, quality reviews up for you on the products that help you wander smarter. I know they help me to do just that. I'd also like to do a few more "tip" kind of articles in terms of "How I Travel". What items I'm currently using to help me be smarter about my packing, and traveling lighter. Further, I'd really like to kick off my "Ask A Wanderer" series where I do interviews of another wanderer our there. I think that's some solid content and will help keep things interesting for you all as readers - to be able to hear other voices. For now, head on over the the Best of 2020 article:

Best Travel Gear of 2020

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I did also manage to sneak one more review in while writing the Best of article as well, and that's for the Western Rise Diversion pants. These are some seriously versatile pants that can make your traveling life easier. Be sure to check out that here: Western Rise Diversion Pants review.

Enjoy the new articles, and hoping/wishing you all have a great holiday season wherever you are.

Stay smart and stay safe, everyone. - AW

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