Importance of Wandering Tunes

What happens during the down times of your travel? Do you, like me like to sometimes sit around, watch the world float by, and maybe listen to whatever music you're currently into? Add a cup of coffee and a slightly cool morning (we're talking hoody and shorts weather here) and that's pretty much already a great day for me.

Or, maybe there's a few of you so headphones don't make sense. Perhaps there's a few people back after drinks. Need something to listen to.

For all those reasons, I think that wandering with a bluetooth speaker is important in a lot of cases. And one that is versatile and is good in most situations? Key. Even more important? Can you guess? HOW IT SOUNDS. Come on, that was easy! You want a speaker that sounds good, is easy to take with you, and will last. Pretty simple stuff.

With that in mind, I went ahead and decided to write about what I think is the best travel bluetooth speaker you can get right now that's going to serve you well in most scenarios. Check out the full review with the link below. I've always got it in my travel kit. You never know when you're going to need it for music and hanging out, or to re-watch the last episode of Game Of Thrones. What, too soon? Yikes. Enjoy the review, I hope it helps you make that decision of which speaker to choose!

Bose Soundlink Micro Review