Can Cara Match The Chanler?

The Chanler At Cliff Walk - the luxury, mansion-styled hotel that overlooks the ocean in Newport - seemingly has it all. Perfect view of the sea? Check. Access to one of the best daytime activities in Newport? Yeah, it's ON the Cliff Walk. Period designs but modern touches of luxury everywhere? Yep, it's got that, too.

So it shouldn't be any surprise that it's got one of Newport's highest end dining restaurants either. And that it does. Cara is the name, and it's certainly targeting those foodies and luxury seekers that want an elevated dining experience. One look at its Instagram page will tell you that (it will make you hungry as well). It seems it's gone through a transformation recently, with Cara being a more recent incarnation of the place.

Large glass windows, partially open kitchen in the main area, and a very classic, old-style wooden bar area built right in as well. It definitely looks the part, and has a tasting menu option as well.

I took the chance to dine here when I stayed at the hotel in April on a weekend visit (full Newport City Report located here). I will caveat this by saying that since my site wasn't up yet, I'm a bit late in my posting and my menu review will pertain to the late winter/early spring menu. But, I think it will very much be a directional piece of information for you to help you get an idea of the overall quality of the food, and maybe get you interested for their summer menu. I would love to be able to go back and try it myself. Check out my full, in-depth review here as I take you through each dish on the tasting menu. See what you think of the choices!

Cara Restaurant Review


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