Ahhh Newport

Updated: May 25, 2019

Newport, RI! What a place! I've got a long and glorious history with this city. Just kidding, I wouldn't go that far. But the truth is it's one of my favorite cities in New England, and with really good reasons for that.

For me personally, I've been going there for years in various capacities. I went with my parents for a long weekend my Junior year in College. We ate some sea food, walked around, and had a generally great time. The biggest piece of that trip, I had the first beer with my dad that I'd ever had in a bar. That was at the Pelham. Pretty cool.

Then in my 20's I used to head down there with my buddies (who are from Rhode Island) in the summer months for some good times hitting the night life down there. Or, we'd rent a hotel room for St. Patrick's Day. You might not know it, but there's a HUGE party there every St. Patrick's day. Hope I didn't just spoil the secret for the locals. If you like day drinking and parades, and the ocean, I think you're gonna love it there.

Now, my trips there are a little different and more refined. This past trip I took my girlfriend there. She's from Hong Kong originally, so I've decided I need to be the steward of New England since she's not see any of it before meeting me. I had to show her Newport! It was a wonderful trip that we both loved. My City Report for Newport, RI is all based on that weekend, visiting as an adult and hitting some of the sights. So, be sure to visit the article here at Always Wander for the full report - just click the image or the link!

Newport City Report