The World's Best Fishing Shirt - For Travel?

I'm pretty excited about this post. Much like the announcement post, or the first post after making our first article, this one is a bit of a milestone for us here at Always Wander. Why is that you ask? Well, this is the first "official" travel gear review we've gotten to do. Now, Always Wander as a website is only 4 months old, so I think we're pacing well actually. But by "official" what I mean is: it's the first product we've reviewed that was supplied by a company specifically for that purpose! We were pretty chuffed about it.

It's a funny process too, the first time. But TLDR - I want to start doing a semi series on travel shirts. And, in turn discover which are the best for the job. I have a few in mind, and will do more than one review on these. But I came across an Instagram campaign for Poncho Outdoors. They're a somewhat new company that is making what they claim to be the "best fishing shirt in the world." Well, that's one way to get my attention. Only problem is, I don't fish.

So, I was reading about the product, and actually - I thought almost all the features they mentioned for making it the best fishing shirt, could make it a great "travel" shirt in general. Especially for mixing active travel in. What the heck, I thought. Let me reach out. Finding the best travel shirts can take some people a lifetime. I intend to cut that time way down, haha. But more importantly, I hope to save you or your partner time and find it for you.

I explained I was heading camping in the White Mountains, NH, and would love it if they'd be willing to send me a review shirt (I of course discussed the site and my goals). So does this shirt work as maybe one of the world's best travel/active travel shirts? Click the link below to find out! I tested it while traveling, hiking, and camping. What's your go-to brand for travel clothing?

The Poncho Outdoors Shirt Review