Dickensian Batteries...Uhhh

Updated: May 31, 2019

Perhaps that title was a bit of nonsense - but hey it will make sense if you visit the product review page. I hope? I'm not sure how many English Lit majors are perusing the web for external battery recommendations. Hopefully a lot, for their Kindles.

Today we're talking external batteries or chargers, however you refer to them. Whatever word you decide to use, you shouldn't go on any trip without one. I repeat, you should ALWAYS have one on you for your trip. A 10,000mAh battery is no bigger than most cellphones now, and it will come in handy in all sorts of ways. Airports, in-car, when you've only got one outlet and your partner is using it, etc. They absolutely can be one of your most important pieces of kit. What if you're in a foreign bus station because your ride is delayed? Or train station? Guess what, not a problem because you've got 2-2.5 full charges sitting in your bag. And you can of course ration those to make it last longer.

So, after years of experience buying all sorts of different sizes, brands, and use-case external batteries, I've settled on the two that I think will fit the bill for most people, for most scenarios. But, feel free to take the info I've jotted down, and do your own research. Though I promise I'm trying to save you time on that front. These perform dependably. I've also gone ahead and added two additional links to the more updated EasyAcc, and also added the larger capacity Aukey.

Now hop over to the article and hopefully it helps you or your traveling partner stay juiced up!

The Best Travel External Batteries For Most People