Gear Review! WANDRD Prvke 21

So I need to come out and admit something. I love backpacks. Probably more so than the average traveler, and definitely more than the average person. I've owned many and am always looking for the next, great, one. I read reviews. I watch reviews. I lust after segmentation and organization (no not in a creepy way, come on). I follow travel bag reviewers on YouTube. It's probably a little weird. But, at the end of the day it helps you out because I get all this exposure to so many different kinds (duffels, backpacks, urban, outdoors, what have you). Then, the bags that I choose to review tend to be well researched before hand, and ideally, well used.

Like the WANDRD Prvke 21. It's a 21L camera/travel bag from a very small company called WANDRD. A few years ago, I randomly came across a different backpack on Kickstarter. For some reason, I was fascinated by it. That it would be there. The marketing and video production were so modern. So, I fell down a rabbit hole trying to find all these different bags on the platform.

Then, I came across the Prvke. By now it had blown well past it's goal and you could order it online on their store, or even Amazon. I read as many reviews as I could. I watched the (few) video reviews on YouTube. And like I said, frankly, I just did not find that many solid, real world reviews. Chase Reeves' was good, obviously. But the rest in writing online just seemed more like press releases (albeit from major outlets, so good on WANDRD) - not true reviews.

That's where Always Wander comes in! I've owned this back for about two years, and it's been all over the country with me - both for work and for play. If I'm going away for a night, this is my bag. One day or overnight work trips, this is the one. It's packed full of features, and has world class materials, but would it be useful for you? Read the review to help make that decision.

WANDRD Prvke 21 Review