City Reviews And Trip


I travel to a lot of cities. I always want to know about them before I go. So, I'm passing that info to you!

Travel City Reports

Ever since I started traveling to places around the world, that trip always started with an internet search. Sometimes  I find awesome, targeted posts from other Wanderers about the places I want to go. Other times, I just find recycled, summarized content. Well, I'm the kind of person that wants more! So I decided to do that here for you. When I travel somewhere interesting, I'm going to put a City Report or trip review here. I look at it a bit like Leave No Trace hiking, or the old "Leave a book in the hostel behind you". I want to leave your internet search a little better than before you came. These could be about cities I've spent a week in, or just a weekend. Either way, these are my learnings and recommendations for you.