International Restaurant


We love to eat when we wander. I research local spots, and high end cuisines for that special treat. I'll review my experiences here.

Restaurant Reviews From Always Wander

One of the biggest challenges while wandering is, "Where should I eat?". Sometimes, half the fun is just popping into a place you come across, and that's great. Other times, you might be stuck in an area full of tourist traps (think: when people say London doesn't have good food because they ate at an Angus Steakhouse in Oxford Circus...ugh). When is a picture board OK? When does it generally mean "Run!!!"? I do lots of research before I head to another city, and this way you can go armed with at least a couple of ideas so you aren't starting from "zero". I will be sure to mention places to eat in my City Reports, but here I'll get into more detail about the interesting places I've eaten. Get hungry!